Introducing Alpinist Thaddeus Cooke

Tad Cooke was a junior at The University of Vermont when the idea to rehabilitate a derelict coal plant on the shores of Lake Champlain, backed by the Adirondacks, popped into his mind. He and his roommate Erick Crockenberg tried to think of any reason why they shouldn't look into the matter. A few weeks later, and they had emailed the Mayor, asking for the blueprints of the existing structure...

Zari Sadri

Corey Hendrickson: Alpine Adventure Photographer/Videographer

We caught up with Videographer/Photographer Corey Hendrickson after an amazing powder day at Sugarbush...

Shem Roose- Alpine Adventure Photographer

As a Vermonter, I've known Shem Roose's name for a while...He's a legend in action sports photography, and a big name in our mountain community. Founder Lou Joseph and I were thrilled to meet
Shem at The Harvest Market after a day of skiing at Stowe early this winter.