Over the course of the past month we have welcomed the opportunity to introduce ourselves to friends, family, partners and customers.  In the midst of these introductions we remain eager to share the unique story behind our brand and our intent to create a new and novel, first class expression of performance outerwear. One particular aspect of our new venture is the origin of the name Alps & Meters.

Since inception, it has been our hope to build our brand on a unique set of values for which we are most passionate and that reflect our appreciation of authentic alpine sport. Thus, we aimed to create a brand with a persona that reflects the timeless, nostalgic, and rich experiences that many of us have enjoyed during the winter season. For any skier, rider, or hiker the word “Alps” brings to mind an array of images that echo the atmosphere and memories we hope to distill throughout every touch point of our brand. The first word of our name is meant to transport you to mountain ranges, snow filled slopes, evergreen tree lines, cable cars, and warm après celebrations.

To further evoke the rich tone of our brand, and to emphasize the identity of the company as Tailors of Alpine Sport, the word “Meters” was chosen for its powerful double meaning. The primary meaning clearly refers to the mountains, their height, and majesty. However, the second, and symbolic association of the word is connected to that of a tailored meter; the unit of measure and vintage yellow tape of centimeters, used by garment tailors to produce apparel of exceptional fit and craftsmanship.

We very much like the ring of “Alps & Meters” which describes both the classic mountain setting we most appreciate as well as the first class, “Forged Performance” products we carefully design. We hope that you are fond of our brand name as well and that this brief origin story helps to further our developing member relationship.

Team Alps & Meters 

November 17, 2014 — Team Alps & Meters