Hello friends,

For many of us as the weather cools and the seasons change we begin to think about not only the coming winter, but winters past. Perhaps some of us even flip through an old album of ski pictures...old polaroids or a flick through our iPhoto or Facebook archives. In an effort to express the simplicity and joy of alpine sport, Alps & Meters hopes to use the power of such images to tell a constant thread of stories about the people, places, and experiences that create powerful mountain memories. To ensure that the fabric of these stories is woven in a rich and romantic manner, our brand is excited to partner with a select group of alpine photographers whose worldwide adventures, skiing acumen, and artistic sensibilities blend together to capture and distill a unique view of alpine sport full of vivid color, light, and texture. Through this particular correspondence, we'd like to introduce you all to Hunter Lawrence, an exciting, young photographer and friend of the Alps & Meters brand.

Hunter Lawrence is a visual storyteller using both motion and stills to make sense of this world he loves to explore. Using a variety of artistic mediums, his end goal in every project is to capture the people and story in an authentic and creative way. Hunter and his wife Sarah currently live in Denver, Colorado but will be moving to Iceland in February to work on their first published photo book documenting stories across the North Atlantic. We are excited to share Hunter's work with you and encourage you to follow him on Instagram @hunter_lawrence where his personal work and frequent pictures of his dog, Aspen, will transport you to the world he loves to explore.

As the first snow starts to fall, we could not be more excited to prime Alps & Meters for launch. We thank you for continuing to follow our journey and read our stories. Winter is coming!

Team Alps & Meters

November 17, 2014 — Team Alps & Meters