Women's Ski Race Knit Downhill

Alps & Meters



Made in the USA with a point of origin related to proper winter sweaters worn by America’s pioneering female skiers, the Women’s Ski Race Knit Downhill is a traditional piece of mountain-wear with form fitting characteristics and a Forged Performance material complexion.

Combining softly blended cashmere and merino yarns, this luxurious sweater commands a first class expression representing the pure romance of ski racing.


The National Ski Association was formed in Ishpeming, Michigan in 1905. Honing both the organization and the competitiveness of its members and participants, the NSA recognized the first Americans to ski under the flag of the United States in international competition in 1928.

From Gretchen Fraser’s first American gold medal at the ’48 games in Switzerland to Billy Kid’s first male medal at Innsbruck in ’64, the legends and moments that have followed have placed American go-for-glory guts on display for the world which remains a living legacy celebrated every 4 years.

The Authentic American Alpine collection celebrates this legacy of American skiing with a series of knitwear pieces entirely Made in the USA.

Features & Benefits


Made in the USA.

70% super-fine merino 30% cashmere yarns blended for softness, form-fitting comfort and lasting durability.


High collar and fitted cuffs for additional comfort.

Classic sleeve racing stripes inspired by the first female downhillers.

Quality & Durability

Natural yarn body offers moisture-wicking and temperature regulation.