Women's Ski Race Knit Downhill


Made in the USA with a point of origin related to proper winter sweaters worn by America’s pioneering female skiers, the Women’s Ski Race Knit Downhill is a traditional piece of mountain-wear with form fitting characteristics and a Forged Performance material complexion.

Combining softly blended cashmere and merino yarns, this luxurious sweater commands a first class expression representing the pure romance of ski racing.


Warm, Dry, Protected

70% super-fine merino 30% cashmere yarns blended for softness, form-fitting comfort
and lasting durability.

Maximum Utility

Natural yarn body offers moisture wicking and temperature regulation. High collar and fitted cuffs for additional comfort.

Quality & Durability

Technically knitted in the United States with maximum care, craftsmanship, and consideration for timeless wear amidst the mountains.