Winter Mix Patrol Parka



Like the waxed cotton Anoraks of the United States’ famed 10th Division, proper alpine sport pieces used to be built to last for a lifetime. This intention is at the heart of every Alps & Meters garment.

Maintaining total performance integrity of the interior membrane, this 1-of-1 Mountain Memories Alpine Anorak is constructed from upcycled byproducts of the brand’s most iconic outerwear piece - delivering a nostalgic promise of hand-me-down protection and longevity.


Classic Quality

Crafted with robust, ultra-soft 70% super fine merino-cashmere blended yarns for warmth, protection, and long lasting durability.

Alpine Tradition

Combination of nostalgic knitted Sun Valley retro motif and heritage sleeve color blocking as well as classic ribbing evoke the nostalgia of Sun Valley, Idaho USA

Comfort Fit

Fitted for total warmth and cold weather comfort.