Ski Race Knit Patrol Italiana


Made in Italy

100% Pure Cashmere

Made in Italy and constructed of 100% Italian cashmere yarns, this luxurious crewneck silhouette proudly displays the iconic uniform patrol cross evoking the dedication and passion of mountain guides and ski patrollers the world over.

The Alps & Meters Ski Race Knit Patrol Italiana represents the deep and timeliness bond struck between downhill racers and ski patrollers throughout the Alps.

Color: Charcoal

Features & Benefits

Warm, Crafted, & Comfortable

100% Italian cashmere yarns knitted in Italy delivers, form-fitting comfort and lasting luxury.

Traditional Design

Uniform Patrol Cross graphic evokes the tradition and commitment to “service &
safety” as pledged by European ski patrollers throughout the Alps.

The Story

It was a frigid and snowy day in March 1938, when the race course for the National Slalom was devised on Mount Mansfield, Vermont USA. Taking stock of barren emperatures, 50 mile per hour winds, and limited visibility, Charles “Minnie” Dole, veteran of storied 10th Mountain Division and organizer of the race at hand, came to recognize that matters of precaution and safety would be required to ensure that the day’s event did not end in injury for participants and spectators alike. Discussing matters with fellow race organizer, Roger Langley, at the top of the famed Nose Dive Trail the gentlemen conceived of the National Ski Patrol on the spot and thus forged a bond between racing and patrolling that has stood for almost 100 years. In celebration of such unity, the Alps & Meters Ski Race Knit Patrol Alpine Collezione combines a classic crewneck silhouette and iconic uniform patrol cross with luxurious Italian craftsmanship to produce a romantic knitwear garment celebrating the rich tradition of alpine sport.

Made in Italy of 100% Italian cashmere fiber, this classic piece of mountain-wear commands form fitting characteristics, total comfort, and a luxurious personality, representing a celebration of European ski patrollers from the past and present.