Mountain Memories Alpine Guide Sweater


Sharp style and sharp edges were hallmarks of the racing class, the first downhillers  born from the sports clubs of the early 20th century. 

Like the brash and eclectic personalities of skiing’s earliest champions, Alps & Meters Mountain Memories knitwear delivers a bold upcycled unification of R&D sweater fragments that embody the spirit of alpine sport’s earliest and most passionate competitors.

Features & Benefits

Made in Italy

100% Italian cashmere yarns knitted in Italy delivers, form-fitting comfort and lasting luxury.

Maximum Utility

Natural yarn body offers moisture wicking and temperature regulation. High collar and fitted cuffs for additional comfort.

The Story

Initially a form of recreation reserved for men, ski racing’s romance and elegance came into clear view in 1931 during the first unofficial FIS World Alpine Championships and then again in 1948 during the V Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Since the pioneering turns of the first half of the 20th century women’s elegance, power, and style has imprinted itself on the world of alpine sport. Such values have subsequently demanded unique sportswear presentations of composed of equal parts personality, comfort, and self-expression. Made in Italy of 100% Italian cashmere, the Ski Race Knit Olympic Alpine Collezione is a luxury staple of the winter sportswomen’s
wardrobe. Comfortable and protective, and crafted of the highest European quality, this elevated knitwear garment conveys a story of alpine sports’ first racing personalities, their passion for skiing, and their highly fashionable taste on and off the mountain.