Ascent Knit


As versatile as the skills needed for the first ascents of Golden Age of Mountaineering are the garments that accompanied such 19th century climbs.  Of such ensembles & equipment perhaps none was more important than the robust knitwear of the era.

Appropriate at nearly any elevation and stage of upward route finding these sweaters created a wardrobe efficiency allowing ski mountaineers a single element of their kit that could simultaneously act as a base, mid-layer, or outerwear thus greatly reducing the need for superfluous overages of gear which could hinder transit times and carrying loads. Hearty, warm, and offering an comfortable range of motion for scrambles and stretching to hard-to-reach holds, Alps & Meters commands a deep respect for the sewn fibers of 1800’s whose innovative characteristics and weaves delivered to the climbing community a wardrobe essential that remains a core staple of alpinism today.

The Ascent Knit is born of the mountains and harnesses knitwear’s dynamic benefits to deliver a sweater of Forged Performance character and complexion ideal for the Gentleman Skier’s aggressive route finding and mountaineering pursuits.


Warm & Protective

Natural merino/alpaca blend yarns offer moisture wicking and temperature regulation.

Alpine Tradition

Vintage inspired Donegal pattern yarn for timeless depth and texture.

Quality & Durability

Reinforced waxed cotton elbow panels for enhanced protection.