'24 Ski Club Sweater



Alpinists within the region of Murren, Switzerland have embraced the majesty of mountains since the early first century B.C. A center of alpine travel linking northern and southern trade routes via the storied Alps, Murren and its surrounding principalities command a rich tradition of mountain life influenced by Swiss ingenuity and its imported British & Italian taste. Of such imports, none may be as everlasting and meaningful to the world of alpine sport as that of the Kandahar Ski Club founded by British ex-patriot and alpine enthusiast Sir Alfred Lunn. With its inception dating back to 1924, the Kandahar Ski Club is responsible for the introduction and implementation of the modern slalom and downhill alpine race formats that guide such competitions today. Similarly, and perhaps equally impactful is the Kandahar’s Inferno Race, a 100 year old event concocted by Lunn himself and designed as a gauntlet of sorts to challenge not only the skill but the bravery of its participants. As gallant on the race course as off, the Kandahar Ski Club’s members commanded gentlemanly wardrobes of high taste and impeccable craftsmanship. Smartly dressed in conjunction with club expectations and the societal norms of the early 20th century, neatly woven pieces of knitwear were staples of preferred ensembles bringing comfort and textures to sets often including woolen trousers and coveralls such as jackets & blazers. In similar sartorial spirit and with reference to the funding year of the Kandahar Ski Club, Alps & Meters has crafted the ’24 Ski Club Knit. Born of a precise and simple construction to reflect its Swiss origins and Italian workmanship, this all seasons moderate weight sweater marries with luxurious merino yarns, rich suede elbow overlays and a gentlemanly quarter zip neck-line. Versatile among formal and informal wear occasions this tailored garment is an effortless wardrobe companion for the Gentleman Sportsman making seasonal excursions to mountain villages around the world.


Classic Quality

Crafted with robust, ultra-soft 70% super fine merino-cashmere blended yarns for warmth, protection, and long lasting durability.

Alpine Tradition

Combination of nostalgic knitted Sun Valley retro motif and heritage sleeve color blocking as well as classic ribbing evoke the nostalgia of Sun Valley, Idaho USA

Comfort Fit

Fitted for total warmth and cold weather comfort.