Ski Race Knit Patrol Italiana


Made in Italy

100% Pure Cashmere

Made in Italy and constructed of 100% Italian cashmere yarns, this luxurious crewneck silhouette proudly displays the iconic uniform patrol cross evoking the dedication and passion of mountain guides and ski patrollers the world over.

The Alps & Meters Ski Race Knit Patrol Italiana represents the deep and timeliness bond struck between downhill racers and ski patrollers throughout the Alps.


Warm, Crafted, & Comfortable

100% Italian cashmere yarns knitted in Italy delivers, form-fitting comfort and lasting luxury.

Traditional Design

Uniform Patrol Cross graphic evokes the tradition and commitment to “service &
safety” as pledged by European ski patrollers throughout the Alps.

The Story

With a point of origin derived from proper European Ski Patrol sweaters worn by pioneering guides & alpinists, the Ski Race Knit Patrol Italiana is knit in a traditional silhouette with a a robust winter weight ideal for on or off-piste settings.

Made in Italy of 100% Italian cashmere fiber, this classic piece of mountain-wear commands form fitting characteristics, total comfort, and a luxurious personality, representing a celebration of European ski patrollers from the past and present.