High West Turtleneck Italiana


Made in Italy

100% Pure Cashmere

Crafted with ultra soft 100% cashmere Italian yarns and employing traditional design sensibilities, the High West Turtleneck Alpina Collezione fuses the working class origins of the rustic roll neck silhouette with Italian made craftsmanship - delivering a luxury knitwear garment appropriate on-piste or fireside during apres ski.

Ideal for the Gentleman Skier possessing a passion for alpine sport and first-class craftsmanship.

Color: Charcoal

Features & Benefits

Warm, Crafted, & Comfortable

100% Italian cashmere yarns knitted in Italy delivers, form-fitting comfort and lasting luxury.

Maximum Utility

100% Italian cashmere fibers offer moisture wicking, temperature regulation, and maximum color fastness. Classic roll neck design & waffled complexion deliver maximum alpine protection.

The Story

Originally a moniker of the working class who preferred the total utility offered by the single
high neck garment, turtlenecks or “roll necks” as first presented to the greater American
public at the turn of the 20th century delivered a unique combination of maximum warmth,
comfort, and range of motion ideal for cold weather labor. Then during the post WWII era
within the United States, sportswear emerged as a specialized form of product dedicated
to athletic performance and within the sport of skiing, primarily born to the Western region
of the country, workwear and military cues informed the construction and presentation of
winter-ready apparel including long underwear, knitwear, trousers, and jackets. Within such
alpine ensembles, the turtleneck became staple layer of clothing which migrated from the
cold plains and high west rustlers of the Rockies to the first trails cut on iconic mountains
such as the Vail Resort which was founded by 10th Mountain Division veteran, Pete Seibert,
and local rancher Earl Eaton. Delivering tried and true warmth characteristic of its original
intention and authentic purpose, Alps & Meters’ High West Turtleneck Alpina Collezione
fuses working class origins with meticulous Italian craftsmanship. Made in Italy with a 100%
Italian cashmere yarn complexion, whether on piste or fireside during apres ski, the High
West Turtleneck Alpina Collezione is an ideal piece of fully fashioned knitwear ideal for the
Gentleman Skier possessing a passion for alpine sport and top luxury menswear.