Ascent Shell (Pre Order)


A unique natural fiber 3-layer waterproof technical shell crafted with Swiss precision from Schoeller c_change® wool to comfortably take you to the highest elevations.

Adaptable 20k/20k windproof and waterproof membrane

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Channeling the Founding Fathers of ski mountaineering and the spirit of the natural fibers from which original mountaineering outerwear was fabricated, Alps & Meters has designed the Ascent Shell.  A testament to the indomitable spirit of the Golden Age of Alpinism and the legacy of ski mountaineers of the late 19th century, this exceptional outerwear garment honors the origins of classic alpine sportswear while offering unparalleled protection and versatility in the face of ever-changing terrain and variable weather conditions. 

The Ascent Shell features a Blue Sign certified, 3-layer Schoeller wool-blend shell fabric. With a remarkable 20k/20k waterproof rating, this fabric provides a complete shield from wind and snow, ensuring dry and protected alpine excursions. Its innovative "C-Change" technology adapts to fluctuating body temperatures and activity level, regulating moisture and maintaining optimum comfort.

Embrace the heritage of alpine sport and explre the mountains with confidence. The Ascent Shell is the ultimate companion for the off-piste Alpinist, providing unrivaled protection, comfort, and durability. 


Dry & Protected

Blue Sign certified, 20k/20k waterproof, 3-layer Schoeller wool-blend shell fabric with "C-Change" technology shields from wind
and snow

Interior windproof/waterproof

Maximum Utility

Helmet compatible, adjustable hood design.

Classic front closure with face guard for enhanced wind protection.

Underarm venting provides easy ventilation.

Drop tail for enhanced coverage

Flap-protected, hand-warmer pockets and additional, zippered hand pockets for easy access and dry storage

Built to Last

Reinforced elbow and shoulder panels accommodate ski carry for long-lasting garment durability.


The pinnacle of protection, born from history

he Golden Age of first ascents during the late 19th century, alpinists were captivated by the alluring call of the mountains. These brave souls embraced the frigid embrace of the peaks, braving variable atmospheres and treacherous terrains. But to conquer such majestic heights, they needed more than just courage and skill; they needed the perfect garments that could withstand the ever-changing conditions of their alpine journeys.

In the spirit of the intrepid Founding Fathers of ski mountaineering, such as the legendary Fridtjof Nansen, Alps & Meters has embarked on a quest to channel the very essence of those early days. Drawing inspiration from the natural fibers that birthed the original mountaineering outerwear, they have meticulously crafted the Ascent Insulated Jacket—a true homage to the heritage that forged the path for mountain adventurers.

Made from schoeller c_change®

c_change® always ensures the optimum body climate. The membrane adapts to the conditions as it is highly breathable, and carries away moisture and excessive heat. In addition, it offers ideal heat retention depending on the situation. Being windproof and waterproof, c_change® protects in all kinds of weather and has been tested under extreme conditions.

At higher temperatures or during skiing, the polymer structure of the c_change® membrane opens in response to the correspondingly intense moisture development. Excess heat and moisture can escape to the outside air. In the cold, or at times of low activity, the membrane remains closed. As a result of the lower moisture development, the polymer structure contracts and keeps the heat close to the body. Shivering or chilling are effectively prevented.

Forged Performance

With its Blue Sign certified 2-layer Schoeller wool-blend shell fabric, fortified with the remarkable "C-Change" technology, this jacket stands tall against wind, snow, and rain. With a remarkable 20k/20k waterproof rating, it fearlessly defies the elements, ensuring you stay dry and protected in the face of nature's fury. Its interior windproof and waterproof membrane is an impenetrable shield that preserves your comfort and confidence in any mountainous terrain.

But the Ascent Insulated Jacket is not just about extraordinary protection—it embodies the spirit of adventure and offers unrivaled versatility. Whether you're navigating a frozen peak or maneuvering through a challenging ice climb, this jacket embraces your every move, keeping you snug and agile throughout your journey.


The RECCO reflector makes the wearer searchable to rescuers. RECCO reflectors are lightweight passive transponders that require no power or activation to function, consisting of a diode and an antenna built directly into the jacket.

RECCO reflectors are designed to last a lifetime and do not age or wear out. If not mechanically damaged they will last forever.