Mountain Memories Touring Vest


Like the waxed cotton Anoraks of the United States’ famed 10th Division, proper alpine sport pieces used to be built to last for a lifetime. This intention is at the heart of every Alps & Meters garment.

This 1-of-1 Mountain Memories Touring Vest is constructed from upcycled byproducts  - creating a hybrid anorak-style vest that delivers a nostalgic promise of hand-me-down protection and longevity.

Features & Benefits

Made in Denver

100% Italian cashmere yarns knitted in Italy delivers, form-fitting comfort and lasting luxury.

Maximum Utility

High collar and fitted cuffs for additional comfort.

Natural yarn body offers moisture wicking and temperature regulation.

The Story

 At Alps & Meters our intention is to design sturdy, well-made garments that will last a lifetime.  When passed from generation to generation these treasured pieces will also carry with them a rich legacy of mountain memories and traditions formed over decades of alpine adventures.  From point of inception to sunset, the longevity of each our sportswear collections is carefully considered.  Whether via refurbishing, recycling, or upcycling, Alps & Meters is proud to partner with globally certified sustainability engines and experts to extend the utility of our goods and raw materials.  Created in the pursuit of restorative and regenerative practices, the launch of Alps & Meters’ Mountain Memories Collection will support the global apparel industry’s transition from a linear to a circular model of product lifecycle stewardship.