Kandahar Cardigan


From the grounds of Britain’s posh green grass tennis courts and polo fields, migrated the cardigan sweater. Initially modeled after the woolen waist coats of British military officers of the 1800’s, this original button down knitwear garment was designed with outerwear-like utility and often included rank or insignias at the left shoulder along with durable overlays of leather or waxed cotton in high wear areas. Collared to express sophistication and authority, it is no wonder that the cardigan and the officers cloaked in its handsome coverall transported such garb to the world of alpine sport at the inception of the Kandahar Club and skiing’s British invasion of Murren, Switzerland during the early 20th century. Founded by Sir Alfred Lunn in 1924, the Kandahar Ski Club is responsible for the introduction and implementation of the modern slalom and downhill alpine race formats that guide such competitions today. Similarly, and perhaps equally impactful is the Kandahar’s Inferno Race, a 100 year old event concocted by Lunn himself and designed as a gauntlet of sorts to challenge not only the skill but the bravery of its participants. Regaling the stories of their downhill exploits and most especially the racers of the Inferno, Kandahar members would gather in all seasons to enjoy each other’s company and shared passion for the mountains. With a dress code reflective of their British roots, this group of sportsman were impeccably dressed and counted the cardigan as a wardrobe staple signaling prior military status and Kandahar Club respect. A handsome knitwear staple, Alps & Meters Kandahar Cardigan reflects the panache of skiing’s original and natural wardrobe set. Primarily found off-piste, but familiar amidst the foothills of Murren where the Kandahar Club was formed, this button down sweater is crafted with Italian yarns, meticulous trim work, and rich suede arm panels. Designed for the Gentleman Sportsman and Including the Alps & Meters signature mark at left should, the Kandahar Cardigan is an all seasons knitwear piece celebrating of the Kandahar Club’s sporting legacy and polished British origins.

Features & Benefits

Classic Quality

Crafted with robust, ultra-soft 70% super fine merino-cashmere blended yarns for warmth, protection, and long lasting durability.

Alpine Tradition

Combination of nostalgic knitted Sun Valley retro motif and heritage sleeve color blocking as well as classic ribbing evoke the nostalgia of Sun Valley, Idaho USA

Comfort Fit

Fitted for total warmth and cold weather comfort.


While skiing’s invention and inception is credited to the Scandinavians, unknown to many, is the fact that the modern racing format of the sport and its earliest formalized ski clubs were created by a group of iconoclastic Brits who loved the wind rushing and hair raising euphoria of skiing. Such was alpine sport in continental Europe when awoken to the fervor of down-hilling by Sir Arnold Lunn, a skier, mountaineer, and writer who Founded Britain’s the world famous Kandahar Ski Club in 1924. Motivated by a pure downhiller’s spirit combined with an attitude of constant experimentation, Lunn ultimately invented the proper slalom race format. Thereafter Lunn’s Inferno Race as it would be called, became a a diabolically challenge designed to test the very best skill, will, and speed of racers from the around the world. Today members of the world renowned Kandahar Club continue to host the Murren Inferno Race while regaling the deeds of its competitors much in the same spirit as conducted 100 years ago. A setting of high taste combine with a passion for the outdoors and alpine sporting achievement, the Kandahar Club itself was known as much for its ski crazed members as it was for the first class wardrobes associated with its members on and off-piste.