American Ski Race Knit

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Made in the USA

Merino-Cashmere Blend
Made in the USA and modeled after the classic Ski Race Sweater, which identified an individual as a member of the racing class; those fast, adventurous souls with a spirit drawn to the mountains for the freedom offered by winter sporting traditions.

Fitted and protective, with elements of appropriate padding and ergonomic engineering, ski racing knitwear was the gear of choice for gate crashers whose passion, attitude, and on-snow technique endeared them to mountain towns and alpine sport enthusiasts the world over.


Warm, Dry, & Protected

The Alpine Hooded Vest is an insulated vest.

Exterior: Water repellent wool blend with 10k/10k membrane to shed snow and water. High collar can be turned up to provide additional wind protection to face and neck.

Interior: 800 fill power fully-traceable goose down provides exceptional insulating warmth.

Maximum Utility

Detachable hood design.

Double-entry water resistant utility pockets for easy access and dry storage.

High visibility emergency orange lining with reflective logo.

Quality & Durability

Full grain, water repellent leather shoulder panels and front pocket flaps provide long-lasting durability.

Backed by a lifetime warranty.

On-mountain trial: Put it to the test in the mountains for 100 days and return it with no questions asked if it does not meet your standards of quality, craftsmanship, or durability.

Downhill ‘27 Jacket

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Alpine Winter Trouser
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Authentic. American.

The National Ski Association was formed in Ishpeming, Michigan in 1905. Honing both the organization and the competitiveness of its members and participants, the NSA recognized the first Americans to ski under the flag of the United States in international competition in 1928.

From Gretchen Fraser’s first American gold medal at the ’48 games in Switzerland to Billy Kid’s first male medal at Innsbruck in ’64, the legends and moments that have followed have placed American go-for-glory guts on display for the world which remains a living legacy celebrated every 4 years.

The Authentic American Alpine collection celebrates this legacy of American skiing with a series of knitwear pieces entirely Made in the USA.

Forged Performance

Crafted from a cashmere-merino blend that perfectly balances softness, comfort, warmth and durability.

Designed by Tradition

An ode to the glory days of American alpine sport.