As a brand, Alps & Meters holds a certain set of values that drive the way that we create...Among them are an appreciation for tradition, craftsmanship, and nostalgia. We believe in making things by hand, referencing classic constructions, using natural materials...Whitney Phillips and Matt Groom appear to share our point of view. 

Whitney and Matt are true alpinists. Having lived in the mountains of Vermont for most of their lives, the pair hike, ski and sled together in the winters, and paddle the frigid rapids of the Mad River in the off season. After years spent working in action sports and construction, respectively, Matt and Whit joined forces to re-purpose scraps from their artisan woodworking and design-build business into handmade skateboards unlike anything else you've seen.

Shaping each board by hand in their workshop nestled in the mountains, Warren Pieces is a well kept secret...The duo are amazing craftsmen, carving intricate inlays that would look more familiar on a handcrafted farm table than a skateboard. 

This is a board that will last a lifetime, if you can bear to take it off the wall long enough to go out for a cruise. In fact the team at Warren Pieces have created a series of mounts from drop cuts of wood that land on their workshop floor to encourage you to display your board as art while it isn't in use. Trust us, it'll look better hanging on your wall than propped up in the mudroom. 

Alps & Meters has at its heart the same desire to make timeless, simple pieces that will last for ages. We certainly feel an affinity for the folks at Warren Pieces and their dedication to crafting their boards from rich natural materials. The timeless beauty of their boards is representative of their provenance in the mountains and the character of the wood that they choose to utilize. 


“I think you can pretty much define Vermont and Vermont ingenuity just through looking at these. I mean, it’s taking what you have and what’s available to you, and making it work. If you don’t have that as a Vermonter, you’re just not a Vermonter.”- Whitney Phillips


Warren Pieces from Karman Line Films on Vimeo.