As you know, Alps & Meters is excited to express our appreciation for winter sport by developing rich relationships with the world’s best alpine photographers.  These individuals represent many of the values of the Alps & Meters brand; a sense of adventure, an admiration for nostalgic mountain memories and a passionate dedication to their craft.  In this new photographer portrait, we’d like to introduce you to two new friends of Alps & Meters, husband and wife team Joel and Maggie Bear

 Joel and Maggie are adventure and lifestyle photographers based out of Temecula, California.  As visual storytellers, these artists have a deep desire to showcase the adventure of life and its achievements in nature, craftsmanship, and people.  Joel andMaggie believe wholeheartedly that everyone has a unique personal story to tell and they aspire to reveal these personal narratives through handsome photographs that push the limits but pull on our emotions.  Whether from the picturesque Northwest Coast of Portland, or the uncharted mysteries of Iceland, Joel and Maggie possess a style that portrays rich mountain moments, the joys of friendship, the roar of adventure, and a passion for life.  Traveling together as a team, these artists have a deep respect for the people and culture they come upon and are dedicated to telling these stories in manner that draws out the visual beauty of each encounter.

At Alps & Meters we believe that photographers like Joel and Maggie have the ability to transport us all to the exciting destinations they capture through their collective lens.  In this sense, the Alps, White Mountains, Dolomites, Green Mountains, Cascades, Andes, and other snow filled destinations are never far away. 

Joel and Maggie’s work may be viewed at and @joelbear on instagram. Joel and Maggie recently returned from a trip to St. Mary's Glacier with Alps & Meters Photo Ambassador Hunter Lawrence. We're excited to share with you what they found...Stay tuned! 


December 10, 2014 — Team Alps & Meters