Hello Friends,

We are excited to report that our website will go-live next week!  In addition to displaying our unique, “Forged Performance” products, the design of alpsandmeters.com will reflect our brand values, first class sensibility for quality and durability, and will evoke our appreciation for beautiful, nostalgic, and transportational mountain imagery.  Many partners have been involved in the development of the site and we are most thankful for their help & participation. 

One particular friend we have met along our creative journey is world-renowned outdoor adventure photographer and filmmaker, Jordan Manley, whose selected photographs will appear within various vignettes of alpsandmeters.com.  Based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Jordan is senior photographer for Bike and POWDER magazines and as producer/director of the A Skier’s Journey web series, he has traveled from the arctic to Antarctica.  Anyone who has followed Jordan’s work will understand that the imagery he captures vividly reflects his passion; moving through the mountain and ocean landscapes while exploring the natural and social world through photography, motion picture, and sport.  As Jordan expressed recently, “To me, skiing is a particularly unique and rewarding relationship with nature.  And in my work I’ve tried to probe and expose that relationship/love affair.  I see it as my task to tell stories about mountain and maritime landscapes and the people who live and work within them.”

Jordan is a photographer whose perspective is greatly appreciated by the Alps & Meters Team.  His art is a wonderful visual medium of story-telling about winter adventures and each photograph possesses qualities that express the magic, simplicity, and romance that make the world of alpine sport so appealing to us all.  You can follow Jordan on Instagram @jordanmanleyphoto and view the full body of his work at jordanmanley.com.

November 17, 2014 — Team Alps & Meters