Touring Crew

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Travel up and down steep peaks often involves a multi-day excursion including steep boot packing and traversing. Given the warmer temperatures of spring and the heat created by alpinists moving uphill in the mountains, the Touring Tee provides a versatile layer that one can strip down to when insulation becomes unnecessary.

Featuring four-way stretch panels at the shoulder and a moisture-wicking, odor-repellent merino body, this lightweight tee is well equipped to act as a four-season base layer.


Warm, Dry, Protected

70% super-fine merino 30% cashmere yarns blended for softness, form-fitting comfort
and lasting durability.

Maximum Utility

Natural yarn body offers moisture wicking and temperature regulation. High collar and fitted cuffs for additional comfort.

Quality & Durability

Technically knitted in the United States with maximum care, craftsmanship, and consideration for timeless wear amidst the mountains.