Alps & Meters Athletes are trailblazers, excelling in their disciplines while demonstrating a deep love for the mountains, and a passion for our shared values of history, tradition, and authenticity.


A veteran of the United States Ski Team, Travis is an FIS World Championship silver medalist, a multi-time winner on the FIS Tour, and long-standing U.S. Olympic Team veteran.

Hailing from a bastion of American ski culture, Lake Tahoe California, Travis’ spirit, on-hill prowess, and off-piste tastes reflect Alps & Meters values and our mission to uphold the classic traditions of alpine sport.


A Vermont native, sharing New England roots with Alps & Meters, Ryan Cochran-Siegle grew up fully immersed in the outdoors.

His mother Barbara Ann Cochran, a gold medalist herself, introduced Ryan to skiing at their family owned and community based mountain Cochran’s Ski Area - started by none other than Ryan’s grandparents in Richmond, VT.

Growing up on the hill, chasing his older siblings all over the mountain, Ryan’s skills quickly developed to land him a spot on the U.S. Ski Team. Ryan carries on the family tradition, with a résumé that consists of an Olympic silver medal, an FIS downhill win, two FIS podiums, and two Junior World Championships gold medals.